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Unilite - CRI Detailing Kit

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Ultra tough aluminium case for Unilite worklights

The CRI-KIT is the ultimate portable lighting kit for car detailing. The kit contains a powerful CRI-2300 site light with multi-country charger/power lead, compact CRI-H200R sensor head torch & LARGE-MAGNET. This is stored in the solid, yet lightweight CASE-SML for ultimate portability. Combining the kit with one of Unilites TRIPOD range will greatly extend its functionality.

  • High CRI Lights
  • Robust Aluminium
  • Powerful Magnet
  • Detailing Kit

Unilite - Led Detailing Light (CRI-2300)
Unilite - Led Detailing Head Torch (CRI-H200R)
Unilite - Large Led Worklight Magnet


  • Weight: 3500 g
  • Dimensions (mm): 270 x 120 x 370

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